Our commitments

At Admise, our commitment goes beyond creating stylish clothing.

We believe in fashion that transcends ephemeral trends to embrace lasting values.

Our commitments define our vision and guide every step of our journey.

1. Lasting elegance

We are committed to creating timeless pieces that stand the test of time.

Rather than following rapid fashion cycles, we prioritize quality, durability and longevity.

Each Admise garment is designed to accompany the modern woman throughout the seasons, elevating her style beyond the whims of fashion.

2. Responsible manufacturing

Environmental responsibility is at the heart of our approach. We are proud to produce part of our collection in Paris and Portugal.

This duality allows us to control
precisely our quantities, thus avoiding any waste and overproduction. We attach great importance to the selection of our workshops which we visit regularly to ensure working conditions.

Our manufacturing process is guided by rigorous sustainability standards, ensuring that every Admise piece is made with care and conscience.

3. French style

Our attachment to French design is unwavering. French style remains at the heart of our identity, influencing every detail of our collections thought and designed in the heart of Paris.

The cultural excitement, magnificent architecture and sophisticated atmosphere nourish our inspiration.

At Admise, we create pieces that tell a story of style, confidence and elegance, infused with the artistic charm of the French capital.

4. Ethics and transparency

At Admise, we believe in the beauty of authenticity and accountability at every stage of our creative process. It starts with the meticulous choice of our fabrics and materials.

Whenever we have the opportunity, we use high quality end-of-series fabrics in order to offer you high quality pieces at a fair price while fighting against waste.

We also favor recycled materials. In line with our commitment to the environment, our packaging is also designed with respect for the planet. We choose recyclable materials and research
constantly finding innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

5. Inclusive corporate locker room

Admise's corporate wardrobe is designed for all women, whatever their body shape, style or professional background.

We celebrate diversity and encourage assertiveness through our inclusive approach to style.

Each piece is designed to be versatile, giving every woman the opportunity to make their professional look their own.