Zoe Leboucher

The visionary behind the elegance

A seasoned stylist and daring entrepreneur, Zoé founded Admise Paris with the mission of redefining women's fashion in the professional world.

Inspired by timeless elegance, she uses her expertise to create a unique corporate wardrobe, combining modernity and sophistication.

Meeting Zoé is entering the passionate world of a woman who has made her vision a reality: creating a brand that transcends ephemeral trends for women wanting an outfit that matches their ambitions.

A redefined corporate wardrobe

Admise's corporate wardrobe is much more than a ready-to-wear collection, it's a philosophy.

Each piece is designed to blend harmoniously with the others, offering versatility that moves effortlessly from business meetings to casual moments, without compromising on elegance.

Our approach to style is based on the idea that every woman should have the freedom to create her unique look.

My corporate wardrobe

The Admitted Woman

The Admitted woman embodies a perfect fusion of grace, confidence and boldness. She stands out for her approach to fashion, favoring timeless elegance over the volatility of ephemeral trends.

The Admitted woman is not defined by society, but rather she redefines the codes of fashion and her own style.

She finds in the Admise corporate wardrobe an authentic reflection of her personality, a collection that celebrates her ambition, her individuality and her feminine power. Each piece becomes an expression of his journey, his successes and his commitment to sustainable and responsible fashion.

Our commitments