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A word from the designer

“Five years ago now, I had the crazy idea of ​​creating a brand dedicated to the feminine tailor, not just for me, but for all women who wanted to feel strong, elegant, desirable and stylish at the same time. comfortable in their clothes. A uniform for all occasions, in life and at work. Since then, it's been a lovely story that has been written with you: through your stories, your testimonies, we share each thesis oral, each plea, each marriage or romantic date in Admission. Each of your victories is also somewhat ours. It is for you that I want to continue to invent the essentials of a resolutely useful, elegant and timeless feminine wardrobe. To support you in all your moments of life, in your successes, and help you achieve all your ambitions ”.

The Promise Admitted

Admitted to Paris, it is the promise of a cloakroom that is deliberately simple and resolutely useful, with pieces with elegant, sober and timeless cuts, to stand the test of time and rationalize your wardrobes. Suits with interchangeable and infinitely mixable pieces: 8 jacket cuts and 6 sock cuts (pants or skirts) available in different colors. Clothing that adapts to all body types and styles, and that gives confidence in you and your appearance.

Admitted to Paris, it is still the promise of quality, since our tailors are entirely made in Parisian workshops with irreproachable know-how and at reasonable prices. We pay particular attention to fabrics, their origin, their quality, but also their flexibility to ensure comfort and ease in your movements.

Admitted to Paris, it is the promise of a warm, benevolent and tailor-made welcome in our two Parisian boutiques and on our website, to provide you with our advice and services and to help you find the right tailor. And through our meetings, our exchanges and our common experiences on life at work and outside, the birth of a community of Admitted women centered around listening, mutual aid and benevolence.

Admitted Paris, finally, it is the promise to dress you in all circumstances, whether serious, happy, professional or romantic. We want to be there for you for all these moments of our lives a little complicated, messy, overloaded but oh so hectic!