· By Zoe Leboucher

    Every month in the Know-how section of our blog, we will reveal a manufacturing secret, we will introduce you to a professional in the trade, we will tell you the story of a garment... For the start of the 2015 school year, Admise is back with a new jacket. The goal is to offer you even more possible combinations to compose your ideal suit. This fall we wanted a double-breasted jacket, a classic suit. The double-breasted jacket or double-breasted jacket originated in the naval navy. She can also be assimilated to a certain English bourgeoisie, which at first glance gives her a...


    · By Zoe Leboucher

    Every month we create the portrait of a guest who has a little something that looks like us. For this interview we use the first letter of her first and last name to ask her questions about herself, her projects, her vision of the world. In September we welcome Margaux Avril, a 24-year-old Parisian. She is both a singer and a photographer. A young woman who inspires us... M A R G A UX AVRILM ode: plain or mismatched suit? To honor the indecisive that I am, I would say both: it depends on the circumstances, but the tailor...

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    · By Morgane Allietta