Relive the backstage of Talk Admise # 2 with Julie Pujols-Benoit


On Wednesday, February 6, a small handful of privileged people stood in Talk Admise # 2 at the Admise boutique on rue de la Folie Méricourt.

After the success of Talk # 1 in the presence of Alice Darfeuille, journalist at BFM TV, the Talk Admise continues, with journalist and sports coach Julie Pujols-Benoit. The goal of these intimate events: to give you the keys to have confidence in yourself and to combine your private and professional lives with as much ease and style as possible, as in Admise!

On the program of this new talk: health, sport and well-being advice, and a warm and spontaneous atmosphere between the many customers who came to attend the event. Among these curious and ambitious women, there are lawyers, researchers in biology, an airline pilot, a ceramic designer, an urban planner, an actress… So many diverse and fascinating profiles to punctuate the spontaneous exchanges with Julie.  

For nearly an hour and a half, Julie shared with them her precious advice with kindness and good humor before taking part in an aperitif dinner. Health!

Meeting with Julie Pujols-Benoit

Julie is first and foremost an outstanding career and a journey that is out of the ordinary. A journalist by training, passionate about music, the crisis of cultural magazines is pushing her to retrain and pass her license to become a sports coach.
She trained in Pilates, a method invented in the United States in the 20s which combines muscle strengthening and breathing “at a time when it was not yet glamorous”. Later, she developed her own discipline, called “booty pilates”, a method that combines dance, Pilate and playful sequences to help strengthen the muscles of the glutes and legs. Today, she practices her two professions in parallel, since she contributes regularly to the health and well-being sections of Elle and Paris Match magazines in addition to her coaching activity.

His advice for a better life

Without language, with a disconcerting naturalness, Julie distributed her advice, tips and well-being tips to an assembly eager to benefit from her expertise. With each time a lot of common sense, and a watchword: pleasure !!!

For sport, first of all, you have to know how to vary them, the pleasures. If regular physical activity is important, at least twice a week, it is best to combine different practices: pilates and cardio, cardio and yoga, running, etc. Julie nevertheless warns of the permanent injunction to do sport which exists in our society, reminding us of the importance of doing things at their own pace and according to their wishes. “Sometimes, going for a drink with a girlfriend can be more effective than a workout, you have to know how to listen to yourself! "

Same credo for food: follow basic rules, of course, such as eating a balanced diet, not snacking, not consuming prepared meals, eating light in the evening, but always keeping the notion of pleasure to avoid frustration. Julie confesses to being a “nutella addict” herself! "There are too many prohibitions today, we can eat anything but in moderation".

Last subject that Julie tackles with the same conviction and which resonates particularly in the room: that of the image of oneself in the age of social networks. How not to compare and submit to the dictates of ultra-thinness when influencers, models and other sports coaches send us the image of a perfect body throughout Instagram feed? Here again, Julie invites you to be vigilant: “you have to manage to put a little distance and put things into perspective, the images you see on Instagram are fabricated, retouched, exaggerated, it's not real life. It is important to educate young people on this ”.


Of course, that evening, the Admitted women left with a little more than one trick in their tailor's pocket, all re-boosted as they were by Julie's wise advice.

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