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For the start of the 2015 school year, Admise is back with a new jacket. The goal is to offer you even more possible combinations to compose your ideal tailor. This fall we wanted a double-breasted jacket, a costume classic.

The double-breasted jacket or double-breasted jacket finds its origin in the naval navy. It can also be assimilated to a certain English bourgeoisie, which at first glance gives it a somewhat "old school" image.

But never mind! In 2015, the double-breasted jacket is both rock and feminine. It is rock because this little British side automatically makes us think of the Teddy boys of the 50's and it is feminine because it is a very fitted jacket that will mark your size.

Worn open, the double-breasted jacket is straight and easy to wear every day. Once closed, it becomes ultra sexy worn naked and marked with a belt at the waist. It reveals the neckline, an hourglass figure and highlights your arch.

For small technical information, the double-breasted jacket can be "six on two" or "four on two". At Admise it is "six on two", that is to say that four buttons out of six close.


The buttoning of the double-breasted jacket is quite an art for tailor lovers. Ideally, a little tension should appear at the active button of the jacket, which is the first that can be closed. This gives flexibility to the jacket which when closed is quite square. A little tip that will prevent you from buying your jacket that is too big!

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