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Every month we create a portrait of a guest who has a little something that resembles us. For this interview we use the first letter of her first name and last name to ask her questions about herself, her projects, her vision of the world.

In September we receive Margaux Avril, a 24 year old Parisian. She is both a singer and a photographer. A young woman who inspires us...


Mode plain or mismatched follows?

In order to honor the indecisive that I am, I would say both: it depends on the circumstances, but the plain follows maybe more "daring" and chic. The mismatched is easier to wear and fits more easily in everyday life, at work, in the evening.

AT rtist :  you are a singer but also a photographer, having several strings to your bow is that being an artist? 

I don't know if that's what it is to be an artist, but I think that any form of expression linked to creation is an art!

R restaurant: where are you taking us to dinner tonight?

If you are in Arles or in the area: Hôtel Nord Pinus and / or Hôtel du Cloître, in Paris: Hôtel Edgar; the decor is great, the tapas to die for.

G win: even if you don't want to admit it, are you a bad player?

I hate to lose, but I hate competition, so I avoid it as much as possible. I can't stand cheating! And I also know how to rejoice in the victory of others… That makes me, by default, a good player, doesn't it?

AT the: is it really dangerous to mix love and work?

I don't know, it really depends on the personalities and the stories. I think if you can mix the two together but on an ad hoc basis, in harmony, then that's ideal.

Utop: what utopia do you want to believe in?

The utopia of a peaceful, caring, healthy, debt-free, free world.

X: do you think that the more the merrier, the more we laugh?

Mmmh, on this theme, no. At least not when you're in love.


ATambition: only the ambitious succeed?

Success is the combustion of several elements whose ambition is an essential fuel ... but not enough.

Vtravel: what is your next destination?

In my dreams a roadtrip in Italy, more specifically in Arizona to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday and to see my American family and a few days in NY to take advantage of my sister. I would love to go to Hong Kong too ...

Rhope: as a singer do you have any advice to give us to better manage our voice when we speak in public?

I would say that you have to be aware that the first few minutes are the most difficult, but once past, you are like intoxicated to have the floor. It is therefore necessary to prepare these first minutes well, not to leave room for panic, to keep in view that there is a small adaptation time which is shorter than what you think, and above all to take advantage so as not to regret once the moment has passed!

Iscrew: What is the coolest bar in Paris right now?

The Downstairs! The Bronco bar, where they serve the best meat in Paris; I like to go there because it's at a friend's house (There is even a plaque with my name screwed to the wall among those of other friends - I'm too proud), there is always good music, delicious cocktails and a very warm welcome .

Ldrunk: and if not, is it your bedside book?

I have just finished "Nager" by Richard Texier, superb on creation and the development of the imagination. I begin "La Pitié Dangereuse" by Zweig and "Le Lit Defeat" by Sagan, found in the family library. Two writers whose work I admire, and who inspire me a lot.