The Admitted talk #3 with Agnès Hurstel: laughter and champagne on the program

Le talk Admise #3 avec Agnès Hurstel : rires et champagne au programme - Admise
Only one month after the Admise #2 talk, the actress Agnès Hurstel was the guest of the Admise #3 talk on March 13.

Fans of the brand or fans of the actress, the fans of the Talks had come in large numbers that evening to laugh at Agnès' jokes, and take advantage of her experience and her unique career. In all simplicity, Agnès talked about her professional and romantic journey, sexuality and the complexity of being a woman today, with the freedom of tone that characterizes her.

Meeting with Agnès Hurstel

Agnès Hurstel, a 28-year-old Parisian actress, has energy to spare. This bubbly and talented little brunette has made the stage her profession, and her hilarious humor has spread from the boards of the Sentier des Halles, where she performed her one-woman show for a year, to the Théâtre du Rond-Point, where she has just spent a month in representation, going through a weekly column in the program the Band of Nagui on France Inter.

The talk is an opportunity to return to this extraordinary journey, punctuated by doubts, encounters and successes, which does not fail to inspire the women present in the Admise boutique on rue de la Folie-Méricourt, hanging on their lips.

After a complicated adolescence marked by wearing a corset – “but adolescence is complicated for everyone, isn’t it? » -, Agnès, undertakes a literary preparatory class in Hypokhâgne Khâgne. Under-eligible for the prestigious Normale Supérieure school after her Khâgne, she does not admit it to her parents so as not to have to retake the exam the following year and escapes to study modern literature at the Sorbonne.

Agnès tried her hand at theater and wrote her first plays, with the desire to tell stories and direct them. “In my family we said it was great to be an artist but no one was.” She tried for the national conservatory, but narrowly missed it. There followed a few years of “difficulties” where Agnès tried to break through as best she could in the highly coveted film industry: “I didn't fit into the boxes, because I was neither pretty enough nor atypical enough”.

Until this decisive meeting during a training course for professional actors one evening when their teacher asks them to play what seems to them to be the most antithetical to themselves in this profession. For Agnès, it’s a one-man show. "Of course, there were the comedians that I liked like Jamel, Gad El Maleh, but at home, there was a snobbery for the one-man show à la Bigard or Dubosc, we found it rude, schoolboy." Agnès writes and performs a sketch inspired by her love life in front of her class, and it's the revelation: the room is doubled over, and she gets off on it. His teacher urges him to continue in a stand-up room, the Paname, a real “gym for comedians”.

Then everything happened very quickly: after three full months of testing her jokes every night in front of the customers of Paname, she put on her own show in a small room where she played once a week, then at the Sentier des Halles. She was spotted by Kader Aoun, famous producer of Gad El Maleh, who wanted to make her “the comedian of the people who dress at APC”.

In retrospect, Agnès understands that she is where she was supposed to be, far from the national theater conservatory, or from a much more classical path for which she had been programmed. “I’ve always been funny, I just had to go for it. Today I love what I do.” And the success continues: she is currently writing the script for a television series in which she will play the leading role.

Agnès talks to us about sexuality

This is a bit the question that burns on our lips: the sexual exploits that Agnès delivers in her show, info or fake?! Regardless, the freedom with which she approaches the theme of her sexuality on stage commands respect. That evening too, it was also the subject of many questions from the listeners.

"I went on stage at a time when I was discovering my body and I was discovering that it served me not only to have pain, but also to seduce, and to have pleasure". So, she doesn't hesitate to openly talk about sex on stage, and creates hilarity every time. Even if, fiction obliges, everything is not necessarily true. "I wanted to talk like you talk to your girlfriends at brunch on Sundays, and that you're never as funny, inspired, open as at that time".

In doing so, Agnès frees a voice that was previously forbidden, and breaks taboos on subjects such as female desire, masturbation, and the consumption of pornography by women. “At first, I talked about ass to shock, to capture the public's attention. Today, I have calmed down a little, but I am happy when women come to talk to me at the end of my show, telling me that it helps them to hear this kind of speech.”

In the meantime, the “me too” movement has passed through, women's voices are freer than ever, and Agnès has become one of its heralds almost in spite of herself: “When I launched myself at 23, I didn't had no talk about femininity. Today, I feel that the words I speak are important, and I am proud of it.”

Thus, Agnès now fully assumes her role and imagines writing a documentary series on sex education for young audiences in the near future.

That she succeeds, that's all the harm we wish her.

Audacity and freedom, this is in any case what our Admitted women will remember from this beautiful moment spent in the company of this tornado to which we predict a radiant future. Ah, and perhaps also some recommendations for Instagram accounts dedicated to the conquest of female pleasure:




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