Welcome to Batignolles!

Bienvenue aux Batignolles ! - Admise

New store Admise 73 rue Lemercier 75017

The Batignolles

It is with great pleasure that the Admise team opens the doors of its new boutique in the 17th arrondissement! We were waiting for her, here she is ... A second space where you can find your 100% Parisian tailor just a stone's throw from the new Palais de Justice. It is in this lively and friendly district of Paris that we wanted to settle. An ideal area for strolling on weekends, but also for coming after work or for your lunch break!

The concept by Francesca Avossa Studio

Admise entrusted the realization of its second boutique to the discerning eye of the artistic director Francesca Avossa. Her agency has designed this place as a revisited dressing room. A unique space where you take your time and where the whole team is busy advising active women in search of the ideal costume. The Admise boutique at 73 rue Lemercier adopts a unique allover color code, sage, available in variations of textures and surfaces: structured textiles and velvet, zellige tiles, punctuated by the light of a few shards of brass.


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