Le talk Admise #3 avec Agnès Hurstel : rires et champagne au programme - Admise

The Admitted talk #3 with Agnès Hurstel: laughter and champagne on the program

Only one month after the Admise #2 talk, actress Agnès Hurstel was the guest of the Admise #3 talk on March 13th. Fans of the brand or fans of the actress, fans of the Talks came in large numbers that evening to laugh at Agnès' jokes, and benefit from her experience and her unique journey. In all simplicity, Agnès spoke about her professional and romantic journey, sexuality and the complexity of being a woman today, with the freedom of tone that characterizes her. Meeting with Agnès Hurstel Agnès Hurstel, a 28-year-old Parisian actress, has energy...

Conseils de pro

Professional advice

Tips and tricks to make an interview or a public speech go well

For September we asked Flavie, actress and trainer in public speaking to give us some tips. 


Margaux Avril

Every month we create the portrait of a guest who has a little something that looks like us. For this interview we use the first letter of her first and last name to ask her questions about herself, her projects, her vision of the world. In September we welcome Margaux Avril, a 24-year-old Parisian. She is both a singer and a photographer. A young woman who inspires us... M A R G A UX AVRILM ode: plain or mismatched suit? To honor the indecisive that I am, I would say both: it depends on the circumstances, but the tailor...

Les cinq astuces de Zoé Leboucher, fondatrice d’Admise Paris pour assurer en entretien - Admise

The 5 tips from Zoé Leboucher, founder of Admise Paris, to ensure your interview

Do you have an important meeting at work? A job interview? An oral exam to join a School? Here are some tips to feel good about yourself and… Admitted! And finally the most important: be smiling and open ... :)


Relive the backstage of Talk Admise # 2 with Julie Pujols-Benoit

On Wednesday February 6, Talk Admise #2 was held in front of a small handful of privileged people at the Admise boutique on rue de la Folie Méricourt. After the success of Talk #1 in the presence of Alice Darfeuille, journalist at BFM TV, the Talk Admises continue, with journalist and sports coach Julie Pujols-Benoit. The goal of these intimate events: to give you the keys to having self-confidence and combining your private and professional lives with as much ease and style as possible, as in Admitted! On the program of this new talk: health advice, sport and well-being, and...



ANA GIRARDOT, ACTRESS - Photo: Sandra Semburg 1 – Hello Ana, what are your plans for the start of the school year? At the start of the school year, I will be showing "Knock" by Loraine Levy with Omar Sy. I'm also releasing a capsule collection with the "Pablo" brand inspired by the character of an artist. I loved working on this project as I prepare my movie characters. I project myself into my characters and visualize a perfect wardrobe for them. Clothing is very important for asserting oneself and stepping out into the world. It's a way of expressing ourselves that perfectly illustrates our personality. 2 –...